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Can my minor children attend concerts?

Unfortunately we cannot inform you about generally valid rules and regulations for concerts. Local authorities or the respective promoters may lay down special rules and regulations for each individual concert within the framework of the German Act for the protection of children and youth. These rules and regulations are, however, not known to us as an advance sales outlet so that we cannot guarantee that minors will be admitted without being accompanied by legal guardians. Please get information from the local promoters prior to the concert, for instance on their Homepage or by phoning the arena, club or stadium.

When and where does the event take place?

You obtain more detailed information on a specific event, if you call it up on the Homepage or through our search. If you already have tickets, you can also read up the requested information on them. Both the beginning and the name and address of the venue are specified.

On our Homepage you will find for every event a link to a route by clicking on the button “Show on map” which is placed under the venue.

How do I learn whether events have been postponed or cancelled?

In these cases we inform you under your email address. You can also get separate information prior to the date of the concert on our Homepage.
For any more detailed information we recommend the website of the event location (arena, club or stadium) or of the corresponding artist, often under the menu item “News”, “Live”, “Tour” or “Dates”.

What group will be the support act?

All information available to us is displayed on our Homepage in the description of the event. Unfortunately we cannot provide any detailed information on the program, because as a rule we do not have any information in that respect and so-called support acts are frequently confirmed at a late stage.

For any more detailed information we recommend the website of the event location (arena, club or stadium) or of the corresponding artist, often under the menu item “News”, “Live”, “Tour” or “Dates”.

Are sound, photo and/or video recordings permitted during the event?

Generally it is rather unusual that recordings of any kind whatsoever are admitted during the event. However, we cannot make any generally valid statements in this respect. Often photos taken with mobile phones and small cameras are tolerated. More detailed information is provided by the local promoters who are stated as a rule on your tickets. For professional camera equipment (e.g. reflex camera) a press ID is often required.

The consequences of a violation are decided by those responsible for the event.

Are there any autographing sessions during the concerts?

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with any generally valid information on this. Please contact the promoter responsible for the concert.

Is a cloakroom available for the events?

Normally there is a fee-based cloakroom at each venue. In order to be on the safe side, you can go to the website of the arena, club or stadium and obtain more detailed information.

My event was postponed. Does my ticket nonetheless remain valid?

The ticket remains valid even if the event has been postponed.

Are any VIP tickets or Meet & Greets available?

VIP tickets and Meet & Greets are special activities which we occasionally offer. These specials are then shown directly with the ticket offers.

Do concerts start on time?

As a rule concerts start on time. However, there can be many different reasons for delays. We cannot provide you with any information in advance in this respect.

You would like to contact us directly?

If you have any further questions and concerns, then you are welcome to contact our customer service. We will gladly answer your inquiries and send you a response as soon as possible.

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