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Can I have the ticket blocked?

A blocking of the ticket is possible in individual cases. Please contact our customer service.

I cannot find my [email protected] tickets – how can I get them?

If you did not pay with pre-payment you will have the option to download your tickets directly at the end of the confirmation page.

In the same time (or after your payment via pre-payment reached us succesfully) you will receive an email with a download link for your tickets. If you did not receive an email from us, please check your spam.

Of course you can also download your tickets in your account at any time. If you booked as a guest, you can generate a customer account by requesting a password HERE. Please use the email address you used for your booking and you will find your tickets in the new generated account.

My [email protected] tickets cannot be printed. What can I do?

If you have problems printing your [email protected] tickets, please specify in the print settings that two pages should be printed on one sheet. Please click on "Print" as usual. A new window will open in which you can click on "Multiple" under "Customize page and options". Then select the 2 for "Page per sheet". Enter "Portrait" as "Orientation". Now print the tickets.

May tickets be partly returned?

Replacement, rebooking or cancellation of tickets are not accepted by the promotors on whose behalf we act. You are clearly informed about the binding nature of your order during the order process.

Please note:

Ticket orders are not governed by the German Distance Selling Act. § 312 b para 3 No. 6 BGB (German Civil Code) stipulates that the law does not apply to contracts concerning the provision of services in the field of leisure activities, including concerts. This means that a two-week right of cancellation and return is excluded. Please consider also our Standard Terms and Conditions in this respect.

May I resell the purchased tickets?

The tickets may not be sold commercially or at a profit. The respective promoter can lay down specific regulations in this respect. It is permitted to family/friends/acquaintances provided that the original purchase price is not exceeded.

May I use the purchased tickets for contests and raffles?

The purchased tickets may not be used commercially for contests and raffles.

Do accompanying persons need a ticket?

Every person who wants to attend the event needs a valid ticket.

Do children need a ticket? May I have my child sit on my lap?

This varies from event to event. If there are discounts or special rules for children, we point this out during the order process. Please ask the respective promoter prior to purchasing tickets whether children need a separate ticket.

I have lost my ticket, do I get a replacement?

It is not possible to send you a replacement if you have lost your ticket. Tickets are valuables and must be treated accordingly.

Can my ticket also be used as a ticket for bus and train?

If the ticket can be used as a bus and train ticket, it is shown on the ticket where and during which period (to travel to and from the event) the ticket may be used as a train or bus ticket in local public transportation.

May I alter my ticket by rendering, for instance, the price unrecognizable?

The inscriptions on the ticket may not be rendered unrecognizable. The use of a removable sticker is, however, possible. Since the tickets are printed on thermopaper, do not laminate them, since the tickets are otherwise not readable. The perforated part of the ticket may not be fully detached, because the ticket is otherwise invalid. Usually damaged or lost tickets cannot be replaced.

You would like to contact us directly?

If you have any further questions and concerns, then you are welcome to contact our customer service. We will gladly answer your inquiries and send you a response as soon as possible.

Please take note of our data privacy statement.