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In cooperation with our partner HanseMerkur Versicherung we recommend you take out insurance for ticket return when purchasing your tickets.

What claims are

The insurance will reimburse you for the cost of tickets purchased (excl. service and shipment fees) in the following cases:

  • serious injury resulting from an accident, unexpected serious illness or death
  • re-examination within insured period, change of school
  • unexpected loss of employment, seasonal short time, change of job/ acceptance of a new job
  • intolerance after vaccination, pregnancy
  • insolvency of the organizer of the event
  • serious loss or damage (min. 2.500,00 Euro) to property due natural events or criminal action by a third party
  • delay of transportation means
  • receiving of summons
  • adoption of a minor child
  • appointment of receiving or donating of an organ
  • crack of implant, loosening of an implanted joint

How much costs
a ticket insurance?

Ticket insurance fees depend on ticket prices and are calculated as follows:

ticket prices insurance fees
up to 25,00 € 1,05 €
up to 30,00 € 1,25 €
up to 50,00 € 1,90 €
up to 60,00 € 2,25 €
up to 75,00 € 2,80 €
up to 100,00 € 3,80 €
up to 150,00 € 4,80 €
up to 200,00 € 9,80 €
up to 300,00 € 12,50 €
up to 400,00 € 15,00 €

All fees incl. 19% insurance tax.

How can I book a
ticket insurance?

Simply book the insurance with your order by selecting the ticket insurance option. The number of insurances booked does not need to match the number of tickets in your order. You may choose to only insure some of your tickets.

Do you have further questions
considering the ticket insurance?

For more details check the terms and conditions

terms ticket insurance

ombudsman for conflicts with insurance agencies­